Best Soldering Station

A soldering station is mainly consisted of a soldering iron, a stand for the soldering iron, a variable electric power supply unit. A soldering station is invariably temperature-controlled. The soldering iron or soldering head has a tip temperature sensor with provision for user adjustment of temperature and display.

What’s the Best Soldering Station?

It is difficult to define the best soldering station as different users may have different requirements. It all depends on the users’ needs. For example, if you are a beginner, you may find soldering tool kit suits your need the best. Except the soldering station, a tool kit or a bundle of extras would including parts and components like soldering iron stand, de-soldering pump, de-soldering wick, etc.

The purposes of the soldering stations can be quite different. Different purpose requires different soldering stations. There is no such a best soldering station suits for all. For example, if you need only to solder small components onto PCBs, a soldering station with small wattage may be a nice choice.

Following we will talk about how to choose the best soldering stations and the essential aspects you should consider when selecting a soldering station.


How to choose the Best Soldering Station?

Choosing a soldering station in the market can be quite daunting. You will easily find yourself lost in the huge selections available nowadays. Here is a simple checklist you can check before starting your discovery. Following these guides you can greatly save your precious time finding the best soldering station.

Soldering Station with High Wattage

Wattage is a very important parameter you should first check when choosing a good soldering station. Wattage is a matter of how much power the soldering tool has. It is not equivalent to heat. However if the soldering station has the high wattage, it can warm up and replace heat faster than a soldering station with low wattage. For example, the At-90DH with 90W power consumption can increase from room temperature to 350℃ in only 10 seconds.

What kind of wattage level is suitable for me? Normally speaking most soldering jobs require 40W or above wattage. A soldering station has a lower wattage might be too low. Most soldering stations fall into the wattage range from 40W to 90W. Soldering irons with higher wattage (40W above) are better. The right wattage leads to good soldering joints and results.


Light Weight Soldering Iron

The Iron should be both lightweight and comfortable to hold. A soldering iron is a lighter tool than the solder gun, which makes it easier to work with. If you have an inappropriate, heavy or wrongly weighted soldering iron, it can cause problems and result in less than desirable consequences. The cord from soldering station to thesoldering iron needs to be long, flexible and designed to withstand heat and damage. The heater and soldering tip within the soldering iron should be readily obtainable and easily changed.


Soldering Station with Precise Temperature Control

As we mentioned above, a soldering station is invariably temperature-controlled. Compared to traditional soldering iron, a soldering station can regulate the temperature precisely when it is under operation. Soldering at temperatures that are too high or too low can be ineffective and even dangerous under some circumstances. Higher temperature can damage your circuitry or some sensitive materials. Your soldering station should have the precise temperature control and easy temperature display/readout through the LED/LCD screen in digital soldering stations.


Soldering Tip with the Right Size and Shape

If you are doing fine soldering work, the right tip size and shape really matters. There are a wide range of tip sizes and shapes, choosing the right size and shape can expect the best soldering result, high efficiency and accuracy.


Electro Static Discharge Safe Soldering Station

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) can cause major problems when working on electronic equipment. Even a tiny amount of static discharge can be enough to damage or destroy a component. Almost all new soldering stations nowadays are ESD safe. They prevent static build up by grounding the iron.

Best Soldering Stations

Following good soldering stations have gained a wide popularity in the market. You can check them out before you make your purchase decision.
AT90DH soldering stationAT-315DH Soldering StationAT80D/60D/100D Soldering Stations

Choosing the best soldering station can be difficult with all of the options available. However to choose a soldering station with the right wattage, precise heat/temperature control, soldering tip in right size and shape and ESD safe is a great start for beginners.

To sum up, it is hard to say which soldering station is the best as this is an issue depends on users’ needs and preference. You have a lot of options when selecting asoldering station. Above checklist only offers the basic tips for those who are looking for the best soldering station.

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